• 5 Affordable Home Safety Improvements

    5 Affordable Home Safety Improvements

If aging in place is your goal, make home safety a priority. Whether you want to believe it or not, your home can be hazardous. But with some simple planning, you can lower your risk of injury and enjoy more peace of mind. 

Consider these simple modifications to make your home an environment fit for aging in place.

Home Safety Updates 

1. Reconsider Rugs

If you’ve got rugs in your home, assess how necessary they are to you. One of the most common (and dangerous) injuries for older adults are fall-related. Tripping over a rug may seem silly, but it happens all the time. 

If you’re still not certain about removing this obstacle, make sure you’ve done your best to keep them securely in place. Secure with nonslip mats underneath, rug tape or grippers. Address any corners that are curling up, and consider holding rugs down by placing furniture strategically.

2. Door Hardware 

Hand strength decreases as we age and can make once simple tasks like opening doors more difficult. If your doors have a standard knob, swap them out with lever-style hardware for ease of use.

Also, consider cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, and if your current hardware could be replaced for something that is easier to grip. 

3. Lighting 

Lighting plays an important role in avoiding accidents and injuries. Proper lighting is easy to accomplish and can be done relatively simply on your own.

Adding night lights to hallways and motion-activated fixtures can help you to avoid obstacles. There are also smart device options that can be manipulated with voice command so that you never have to enter a darkened room.

4. Bathroom Fixtures

Replacing your current showerhead with one that includes a handheld nozzle will allow you to use the shower in a standing or seated position.

Installing grab bars and replacing your commode with a model that is “comfort height” (a few inches taller than the standard) are also great considerations with long term benefits. 

5. Roll Out Shelves

If you have difficulty accessing cabinets and closets, roll out shelving is a great option. These can be installed on existing cabinets and are found in many big box stores. You can also find organization and closet design ideas that will improve the accessibility of your storage here.  

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