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Confident Living is the newest program offered by Life Enriching Communities (LEC). Best known for our Twin Towers and Twin Lakes senior living communities, LEC has made aging well a top priority for nearly 120 years.

Affiliated with the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, LEC is a private, not-for-profit corporation, locally owned and operated, and welcomes people of all faiths. Confident Living is an alternative to community living and focuses on helping people age well in their own homes.


We work for the day when everyone involved in senior living finds fulfillment through:

  • Life with meaning and purpose
  • Enriching opportunities and experiences
  • Communities fostering relationships and perpetuating legacy

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We provide exceptional everyday experiences in Christian community by:

  • Creating associate experiences that support, engage and empower
  • Delivering resident and customer experiences that exceed expectations
  • Setting and surpassing standards for quality and safety
  • Growing consistently in service and value
  • Producing expanded resources to extend our impact

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We are an extended family of multiple generations, bound together with:

  • Respect: honoring the dignity of all people
  • Innovation: igniting entrepreneurial initiative and creative solutions
  • Spirituality: pursuing our purpose consistent with Christian principles
  • Excellence: striving for extraordinary effectiveness and efficiency

Local 12 Interview

We joined Liz Bonis to discuss healthy tips to aging well independently in your own home.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in good health. Why do I need to enroll in Confident Living now?

Enrolling while you are healthy allows you to take full advantage of the tools and services we offer that promote resiliency and allow you to age well. Too often people wait until there is a health crisis before making a decision and they are left with little to no options.

How do I add Confident Living to my current lifestyle?

Call a Plan Representative at 513-719- 3522 or email to arrange a personal visit for membership rates and application process details.

What happens if/when I get sick?

Your trusted Care Coordinator will arrange and monitor your needs. If that means coordinating doctor visits, preparing your home for hospital discharge, scheduling transportation, arranging in-home care or medical equipment, or communicating with family, your Care Coordinator will manage it all for you.

What happens if I need care while I am traveling or decide to move?

Your Care Coordination Team is available 24/7 to help you if you’re traveling or at home with a simple phone call. Should you decide to move in the future, Confident Living is portable and you take your membership with you. If you relocate from the tri-state area, we’ll still follow you after you have been a member for one year.

Who determines the status of my health for admission into the program?

Your health status is determined using an application that is completed by you and your Plan Representative and by your physician notes from your annual physical visit. Once your application has been completed, a medical information release form is signed by you to allow our team to review your personal physician notes and application. A personal interview may be a part of the process to determine your ability to remain independent during the 90 day enrollment period to ensure preventative measures are implemented.

Will the membership fees increase?

Your Membership rate for Confident Living is guaranteed for the first two years. After that time, rates may be adjusted due to changes in the cost of living. Your rate will never increase due to a change in your health or age.

What would happen if I chose to move into an independent living home in a retirement community?

Your membership with Confident Living follows you to your new independent living home in a retirement community. Your Care Coordination team will ensure that you receive the appropriate services and serves as your advocate in your new community.

Who is eligible to apply for membership?

Application for Confident Living membership is open to individuals aged 55+ who are in reasonably good health and are living independently.