• Using AI for Senior Care of the Future

    Using AI for Senior Care of the Future

Every day, technology is changing the way we live our lives. And artificial intelligence is not only here now, it is changing the lives of seniors everywhere. From predicting Google searches to curating social media feeds, like it or not, AI is currently shaping your future. Especially in regards to retirement.

Using AI for Senior Care

How AI is Helping Seniors Stay at Home

It is a fact that most retirees want to stay at home as they age. And in the digital era that is becoming safer. Medical diagnostic and monitoring technology is on the rise. With companies like Biotricy, CarePredict, and even Alexa is making continuous supervision and quick diagnosis of senior patients easier. These technologies can be used to quickly and accurately detect changes in behavior for early detection of medical conditions and falls. This means staying in your home longer is safer than ever.

How AI Can Protect You Outside of the Home

In-home monitoring is great, but what happens when you have an accident mowing the lawn or your spouse with memory challenges leaves the house? Well, AI is helping people figure that out through the use of smartwatches. Developers are making apps to help with dementia care since wandering is one of the more concerning tendencies of afflicted individuals.

AI and Medication Management

According to this study, patients missing their medicated doses costs the healthcare system between $100-300 billion every year. And the reason for this is pretty simple, people forget to take their medications or refill prescriptions on time.

Now, thanks to innovations in smart technology and artificial intelligence, multiple companies have rolled out smart dispensers as a solution. These pill dispensers will send alerts through an app to notify you when to take your pills and when to refill them based on sensors in the dispenser. Some dispensers, like MedMinder, will activate a series of visual or audio alerts to remind you to take your pills. If you are caring for your spouse, the dispenser can send texts or emails to you to help monitor caregiving needs and responsibilities. If the medication is not taken at the appropriate time, you will be notified.

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