• Apps for Health and Wellness

    Apps for Health and Wellness

There are plenty of tools to help you focus on your health and wellness, and these apps will help you do just that.

6 Apps for Health and Wellness You Can Download

Fitness Apps

Fitness isn’t the only way to live well, but it can play a huge role in feeling great.


This well-reviewed app offers an array of features. You can calculate your calories for the day, log exercise and set individual goals.

In addition to keeping you organized, the app allows you to set up challenges with friends. Or you can find recipes, read health and wellness tips and watch motivational videos.

Available on Apple & Android


Particularly designed for those age 50+, this app offers personalized wellness plans. These include daily fitness routines (including video instruction), nutrition advice and relaxation techniques for a well-rounded approach.

Additionally, for those interested in visiting fitness facilities and integrated therapy discounts, a paid membership is available. With it, you gain access to any of the over 10,000 partner gyms and get discounts to partner providers.

Available on Apple & Android

Master Your Mind

An important part of aging is keeping yourself mentally alert. By exercising your recall, language, and problem-solving skills you can improve your memory.


This app features over 40 games that strengthen your cognitive skills. So, with as little as 10 minutes a day, you can work towards a “fitter” brain.

Additionally, you can track your individual progress. Want a challenge? You can compete against family and friends.

Available on Android


Like Kettlemind, this app focuses on brain training exercises to improve your mental abilities. But, even more impressively, developers of this app have worked with scientists from Cambridge, Yale, UCL and King’s College London. Their research helped guide the development of these games.

Users can start a daily routine to improve their focus, problem-solving skills, memory and more.

Available on Apple and Android

Center Yourself

You can also round out your brain and body fitness with some relaxation and meditation.


With this app, you can work short, guided meditations into your daily routine. Whether you’re a meditation master or brand new to the practice, you can access the many benefits of mindfulness.

Interested in the research behind it all? The app’s website also has tons of scientifically-backed resources and a blog for those who want to learn more.

Available on Apple  and  Android


If you want to focus on relaxation, this app has 4 main components – meditation, sleep, body, and music. Soothing sounds, sleep stories, ambient music and video lessons on mindful movement are all offered.

So, for those who are looking for a retreat at their fingertips, the Calm app is perfect!

Available on Apple  and  Android

With so many apps available to make modern life more convenient, why not take advantage of these apps to help you age well?

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