• 6 Ways to Ensure Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention This Spring

    6 Ways to Ensure Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention This Spring

Spring has sprung and with it comes a gauntlet of weather changes. These weather changes can present a challenge when it comes to slip, trip, and fall prevention. The weather starts getting warmer and as snow and ice begin to melt, your risk of slipping and falling on accident goes up. Melting ice and snow can freeze, melt, and refreeze at inconsistent rates. Additionally, spring rains make surfaces slippery (like in department store entrances). That is why it is vital to understand and assess your risk as we move into the new season. 

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Slip, Trip, and Fall Risks

Learn how to identify slip, trip, and fall risks as well as how to prevent them from happening.

Weather-Related Hazards 

As we mentioned, there may be some weather-related hazards to the season. Oftentimes, it may rain during the day but temperatures may still fall to freezing at night. This can cause thin layers of ice to form over outdoor surfaces. Even if surfaces don’t freeze over, mud can be slippery as well. When there are heavy rains, as is common in early spring, this can create a slip risk in muddy areas.

Broken Pavement 

It is often a good idea to take walks when the weather is nice in an effort to stay fit as you age. However, if you are walking on sidewalks, be sure to check for cracks or breaks in the pavement. Sometimes, the severe weather of the previous winter can cause the sidewalks to crack during the colder months. These breaks and cracks can create a fall risk for those using the sidewalks. 

Slippery Floors 

Once again, the often wet weather of the season can contribute to fall and slip hazards inside businesses. As people track in mud, entryways can become very slippery.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

As for slip, trip, and fall prevention, use these tips to keep you safe this season:

Don’t Get Caught By Surprise

Make sure to monitor your surroundings as well as weather conditions.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

The right shoe or boot can save you a lot of pain in the future. Make sure to wear the right footwear for the weather.

Use Salted Walkways

Be sure to keep a keen eye out for where the sidewalks and other walkways are salted. This will make a slip or fall on ice less likely.

Shuffle Your Feet

Shuffling your feet helps you test walking areas before fully stepping on them. This can help prevent slipping. Be sure to take small steps and maintain your center of balance while walking slowly.

Support Yourself

When entering or exiting a vehicle, use the vehicle for support as you transition from inside to outside and visa versa.

Use Care When Entering a Building

When entering a building, be sure to keep a lookout for slick surfaces.

Items to Help You Ensure Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Finally, your last defense against slips and falls is to purchase items that help you stay upright.

Reacher Grabber

Standing on something as simple as a step stool to reach for certain hard-to-grab items sets you up for a potential fall. Think of reaching for something on top of your cabinets or cleaning out your gutters. Getting a reacher grabber may help mitigate that risk.


Being unsteady on your feet is asking for a fall. To prevent slipping or tripping with an uncertain gait, be sure to use a cane whenever you think you may need support.

Walkers and Rollers

If you need additional support from what a cane may offer, consider using a roller or walker. A walker can either come with or without wheels (the difference between a walker and roller).

Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, a fall may still happen. Being prepared can certainly reduce your risk of injury, however. Now that you are aware of the risks, hopefully, you can ensure slip, trip, and fall prevention this spring.

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