• 7 More Spectacular Destination Books to Cure Your Wanderlust

    7 More Spectacular Destination Books to Cure Your Wanderlust

Since you loved our first 9 spectacular destination books, we thought we would give you 7 more! Enjoy your spectacular destination and happy reading!

Spectacular Destination Books

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Welcome to the Belgian Congo, and one evangelical family’s tragic mission into the heart of Africa. Told from the perspectives of multiple family members, the Price family embarks on a journey that will transform them through their suspenseful and epic family journey. Set against the backdrop of the Congo’s fight for independence, the dramatic and dangerous political climate thematically matches the struggles of the Price family in adapting to the obstacles of their new home.

The Waterdancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Travel back in time to a plantation in the south where young Hiram Walker is born into bondage. The son of the wealthy plantation owner, Hiram is trapped between the world of the free and the burdens of a slave. When his mother is sold, he loses the memory of her face but is gifted with a mysterious power. A power that comes to his aide one day when he nearly drowns in a river with his free-born brother.

The Terror by Dan Simmons

You can almost feel the unforgiving bite of the arctic cold as the first steam-powered expedition sets out to find the Northern Passage in 1845. But as their mission meets obstacle after obstacle and gets trapped in the frozen northern ice-flow, there is something terrible out on the ice with them. And it is looking to feed.

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

Another trip back in time to the German front of WWI. Join young Paul as he and his classmates enlist in the army and become entwined in the fray. Through the horror of war, Paul tries to hold to the idea of meaningless hate that puts men at odds with one another. Now, his only wish is to make it out alive.

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

As the story opens, you find the Robinson family manning a ship during a great storm. The Swiss pastor, his wife, and four children have been abandoned by the crew and left to their watery fate. Yet, as the family comes together they are able to weather the storm until they are eventually shipwrecked on a tropical island. Once there, the family takes on the herculean task of creating a home for themselves.

Oral History by Lee Smith

When Jennifer is in college, she decides to return to Hoot Owl Holler, her childhood home. She goes armed with a tape recorder to retell the tales of murder and mystery that materialize there. But as she begins to uncover the history of her family, not everything is as it seems.

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

Join Mr. Twain himself while he pilots a steamboat down the Mississippi, beginning in 1883. The book begins with a history of the river, dating as far back as the Spanish explorers of 1542. The book goes onto Twain’s memoir as an apprentice on the steamboat and recounts the trip between St. Louis to New Orleans. This book sets Twain apart from other American humorists.

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