Strengthen Your Balance So You Can Keep Doing What You Love!

Staying on your feet is crucial both figuratively AND literally. Learn some simple ways you can improve your balance and coordination to better your daily life and prevent falls. 

At this free virtual event you’ll learn how to:

  • The importance of balance and coordination in your daily activities           
  • Stretches you can incorporate to increase flexibility and coordination           
  • Exercises that will help you improve your balance
  • Bonus: you’ll receive a free A to Z Guide for living and aging the way you want
Information presented to you by
Monique Lamb, Wellness Specialist

Join Us

April 13th at 11:oo am

Have questions? You can reach us at 513-719-3522.

This free virtual event will be held on Zoom. New to Zoom? That’s ok. After you register, a member of our team will be in touch to go over a few easy tasks to make sure you’re all set up for the webinar.